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Welcome To NY/NJ Carpenter Contractor Network

New York and New Jersey's Union Carpenters and Contractors have been building and renovating first-class facilities and infrastructures for more than 100 years.

The Carpenter Contractor Trust (CCT) promotes the message of this valuable labor-management partnership, which provides public and private owners in the construction industry with on-time, on-budget, top-quality construction projects built to the highest industry standards. However, we also understand that today’s union carpenters and contractors are acutely aware of the ever evolving changes within the construction industry. Our mission is to introduce and clarify our new business model that will help developers and builders get their projects off the ground. The basis for this new business model draws its collective strength from our network and resources. It offers newfound flexibility, skillset, equity and productivity as part of this new partnership. We want to be your partners to getting your business done.

We are a labor-management trust established by Union Carpenters and Contractors. Our mission is to share the story of today’s hard-working union construction professionals and how they take a lead role in the fields of safety, training and job-site productivity in trying economic times. Through industry outreach campaigns, CCT explains the efficiencies of employing union carpenters, the benefits to the New York and New Jersey economies and the savings to owners and developers.

In addition, we recognize the rapid adjustments within the industry and our business model speaks to those changes and, in fact, that we are a partner in that development.

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